Remittance Fee In Dubai

Oh yes! Dag dag na namang pasakit ang 2 aed additional remittance fee. Alam mo ba na next year, January 1, 2018 there will be a 5% tax in UAE? That means additional fee again on remittance fees!
How can you avoid these remittance fees?
Well it’s simple my friend – oh don’t call me my friend for now..maybe later,
Simple lang, Its thru Online- banking!
Yep heard me. Sa online banking click this click that with ZERO “0” transaction fee! LABAN!!!
As of this moment these are the services I use:
1. Emirates NBD bank (thru Direct Remit)nbdsampl
  1. YES! Nakita mo ba ung “within 60 seconds”  totoo yan Bes!
    Maximum you can send online is 500,000 pesos (by law), and even sending 500k php, this amount doesn’t charge you any fee.
  2. BDO bank (Kabayan Savings Account)

    kabayan Passbook SAMPLE

    I opened my account in al Ansari exchange center, since I don’t go home every year. Mag aantay ka nga lang ng mga 2 months bago mo makuha yang Passbook + ATM card. (with the ATM, you need to activate sa Pinas). Pero pwede mo ng simulan any journey mo na mag online banking / online sending money once me account ka na.
    Maximum you can send online is 10,000 pesos per day. Unless you enroll for the Fund Transfer which again, can only be done thru one of their ATM machines in the Phil.
    Just imagine ung 22aed remittance charge x 12 months = 264aed (3,+++ php).
    And how many times you send money in one month? It will surely save you money and time!
    Question: So, what if I want to send money from Philippines to UAE? (of course again without using these remittance centers) – Answer: you need to open “US dollar account” from BDO bank. (which I also opened here in Dubai, in Al Ansari Exchange center).
    Requirements in opening both Kabayan Savings and US dollar account in Al Ansari exchange are:
    • Passport size picture
    • Passport
    • 100 aed fee / 100 USD for dollar account
    So? Apply na! Happy sending!