Dating Pinay Bae 101

One word. World Class! Okay two words.
In case you don’t get it, just look around.
Everywhere you’ll see Pinay’s (women of Filipino origin) dating or married to Westerners, Europeans, Asians and even here in Dubai and other Gulf countries.
Not so long ago, if you see a Pinay together with a white man in our country, they are branded as “Exotic” . Is it good term or bad? 98.9% bad. (course I created that percentage!)
But now, Thanks to celebs in the Philippines like Solenn, Isabelle, Iza, Pokwang, Ruffa mae and even James Yap (James, Filipino with an Italian partner). They helped change the course of Filipino dating Foreigners.
So now, ready for tips? Go get em:
1. May Forever. (There is forever)
Regardless of how many heart aches, it’s still ringing the “fairy tale, happy ending”        kind of bell. So, try to act like a prince charming starting today!
2. Is your name Canon? Nikon? Maybe Fuji film?
Bet yah! Be ready to take gazillion pictures of her. Her, together with the ootds, sotds, botd, notd, all the TD’s! Even the ice cream you want to eat immediately, sorry, picture first!
3. What’s the brand of your watch? Meh! We already have one, it’s called “Filipino time”
Not so proud of this and in fact it’s really improper, but it’s already in the blood line. Filipino time = 1 hour late to call time. Hmm. Just so you know: preparation time is 1.5hrs + travel time okay? Are you on point when it comes of time & schedule? Try to influence her! That would be awesome!
4. We fresh, we fresh!
We have a tropical climate, mostly hot and so this is one good reason why we take showers every day. Even when you put us to a place of zero or negative degree country, we still take showers! Now that’s a plus! Expect that we smell good or food!
5. Speaking of Food, oops!
We love to eat. Buffet every weekends? Bring it on! Boodle fight? Dampa? Extra rice? Most Pinays are still unaware of the healthy diet because back home, eating is a celebration esp. with family. So? Tell your girl to celebrate life in some others ways then? Right? #gymrat? #gymbuddies? #gymgoals or #pizzaaftergym? nyeh!
6. We want Prada, we love Louis, we die with Dolce and go with Gucci!
Good! Pinay’s are evolving with their fashion sense. Bad! It’s becoming a habit just to be on trend and this surely hurts the pocket. (maybe yours too, ouch!). Another note is we have the “treat-yo-self” moment where we buy precious gift as a treat for ourselves! (oh pity us). So, are you a Financial Planner boyfie? Teach us what’s the real investment, please?
7. Lack of self-esteem
Admit it, sometimes in a world full of Alpha whites and Aggressive 1st world country people, we feel small. I observed this every time I eat on a Fine dining restaurant in Dubai. I see Filipina with foreigner partners usually seated at the back or in the corner of the place (the shadow part of the area). Filipino’s are always branded as Domestic helpers, Caregivers, secretaries or worst hookers. So when you see a Pinay in a luxurious place, we get the #feels of why is she here? And this also adds up to the sensation. Be considerate on this, takes time to adjust ok?
8. Relationship goals, wedding goals, family goals
You are only on day 01 of dating, she already have a good vision of what she wants. Blame it to the social media influencers and the one’s who created all those goals. Pinay’s believe on that, swear.
9. Why Philippines’ economy is good right now?
Remittance.remittance.remittance. It’s not a secret that majority of Filipinos send their money’s back home. Even you are the Financial planner boyfie, this is one thing you can’t take away from us. Sending money is sending love noh?
10. Tell your girlfriend now: “Wag kang pa-bebe”
How was it? Did she laugh? Ask her what does it mean. Better yet, start learning the language. It’s easy , trust me. And when you speak a word or two, you immediately pinch part of her heart. Aww.
Good luck guys!

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