Ramadan Guide for Expats in Dubai

Ramadan is almost in a week. Muslims are celebrating the holiest month of the year. This is the time where our fellow Muslim friends fast (abstaining from eating, drinking and smoking) and not just from food but as well as  from bad deeds (like lying, gossiping, being rude, swearing, and the like).
For the new expats in Dubai which are going to experience this first time, Here are some of the list you can and course, you can’t do during Ramadan period.

You CAN do:

  • Understand how our Muslim friends drive esp. along SZR 
  • Avoid drinking or chewing in pubic until the sun sets
  • Smoke in designated covered areas.
  • Understand their behavior because some have low energy levels due to eating and sleeping timings
  • Participate in breaking fast.
  • Bring your own meals and water (some restaurants are closed during the day and opens after the sun sets, some even close their restaurants the entire Ramadan period).
We can also take advantage of this time as we have less hours of work,

We CAN also do:

  • Enroll in school to learn new language or skills
  • Try cooking seminars or workshops
  • Travel with friends and family
  • Start blogging or find a hobby that you would like to do 
  • Engage in an indoor sport/activity like rock climbing or indoor sky diving
  • Have a general cleaning of your house or redesign some areas
  • Participate in charities (season of giving)

You CAN’T do:

  • Eat, smoke, drink in public, Yes! Even bubble gum is a no-no!
  • Gossip or any negative activity near the Muslims
  • Wear sleeveless shirts and mini skirt/ mini dress (even if it’s 42deg. outside)
  • Sing or dance in public
  • Play loud music esp. during the day, whether you’re home or inside the car
  • Laugh too much in public



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