How to get Russian Visa for Filipinos in UAE

Already conquered France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Sweden? Now why don’t you try Russia?
Here’s how simply to get a pass to see St. Petersburg. 
One option is to apply online, you can check the Consular department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Completion of electronic visa application form), click here.
Option 2, the easiest way, via a travel agency. I used the Marutzzi Travel & Tourism, located in Al Barsha area. (see map below) or you can check their website here.
What are the requirements?
  1. Visa Application form to be signed on the agency 
  2. Original passport valid for 6 months with UAE resident visa valid for at least 3 months.
  3. 1 passport size photo
  4.  Confirmed (not mocked up) Hotel and Ticket booking
  5. Visa application fee
What are the Fees?
  1. For 4-5 days of processing, the fee is 770aed
  2. For 2-3 days of processing, the fee is 1,100aed
No invitation is needed, the Hotel serves as your sponsor, so be serious in your hotel bookings. (they are really checking)
After, the agency will call you if your visa is ready for pick up. 
In addition to this, they will also give you an A4 size form (see image below), in case that they will stop you in the Immigration. (take note that you only show this paper when they ask).
Easy noh? See you soon Red square? 

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