Hidden Gems In Dubai

Out of all the blogs you’ve seen about hidden gems in the City, did you ever tried it? How was it? Bet some of your reaction was, Really this is a gem?
What’s the definition of it anyway? Might be different from one to another, the palate, the origin of the place and the taste, and more for sure. We’re not participating Master chef here nor searching for Michelin star place. Blogging food in this City is quite hard. If you’ll check one resto today, what happens is that next month it’s shockingly closed! Yep, so kudos to food bloggers in Dubai. Consistency on writing is no question, but rather consistency of shop to stay open for a long time.
For me, hidden gem obviously is not inside the malls, not something that you can’t easily see but for almost 10 years living in the City, gems are places where they cater distinctive taste, I call it “origin food”. It’s like when you eat their food, they also manage to bring you to their country. Ow, also gems aren’t only about the taste, sometimes you eat a nothing-so-special food but then the place gives you a very memorable sensation.
Here are my list, crossing my finger’s too, hoping they won’t close soon.

1. Biryani Pot (Jumeirah) 

biryani final
Photo from Biryani Pot
What’s On Dubai Award winner for Best Indian Restaurant 2014, 2016, 2016. Need to say more? Naah,  come on! Try Quinoa Biryani for a change! Place is quite small, so patience my friend 🙂

2. Bu Qtair Restaurant (Jumeirah)

buqatair final.jpg

Yep! I agree with all the rest, this one’s a gem. Fried fish already a gem? Well, it’s not so many restaurants can serve you with that BIG fish for a lower price. I upload the photo of food with me so you’ll see the size. Friday’s they serve Biryani rice, the rest of the days they serve only basmati rice. As of this date of writing, We spent around 135aed for shrimps rice, water and fish.
Tip: avoid lunch and dinner time, go in between so you can eat without pressure of finishing your food while somebody’s standing beside you (almost telling you, it’s my turn)

3. China Garden Restaurant (Al Karama)

china final.jpgHow would one know if the place is legit? For a Chinese restaurant, when you see Chinese people eating inside, then that’s legit. Portions are huge and is recommended for sharing. Just try, they’ll bring you to Chinatown. nyeh!

4. Cafe One by Life n’ One (Jumeirah 1)

lifenone final.jpg

Did you know Aura & Chakra reading, Bart Smyth, Coaching, Hypnotransition program, Kinesiology & Cranio Sacral and Reiki? Whaaaaa? These are the services they offer apart from the Veggie land heaven. Shocking it exists right? The menu are only for vegetarians and health conscious, but even non-veg people can jump in to try. Ow one more, did you know that the Ampalaya (bitter gourd) is included in their lose weight juice? Now you know!

5. Markette Box Park (Al Wasl)

markette final

Just turned 2 year this year, what I like in this place is the Breakfast Fiesta (eggs and beans with real mexican taste) not recommended for people who prefers their egg plain and simple. Friday morning is always calm in this place and lots of free parking behind.

6. Maria Bonita (Umm Al Sheif, Jumeirah)

maria bonita final.jpg

Yep! The food looks good right? They prepare the Maria Guacamole right in front of you from guac cart, so you can customize. Salsa and chips are unlimited. Lastly the place gives you a eating-at-home vibe.

7. Omnia Gourmet (Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1)

omnia final.jpg

One night, (2 yrs ago) we were eating in Armani Ristorante in Burj Khalifa, I was seated next to this blonde short haired woman, then the next day I saw her in magazine and tagged as Celebrity chef, after, I saw her again in another article with her restaurant in Dubai. So, I got curious and tried.
Week end mornings are just calm in this place. Inside temperature is so perfect (not cold, not humid, not warm & not noisy). Menu selection is for health conscious, you can immediately feel from the Resto’s name on it’s website, (Omnia gourmet, you are what you eat). So today, I am zucchini gluten free bread! Nice to meet you! Haha. Eggs are nothing special but price is cheap (29aed for eggs omelette), considering that view!

9. The Farm, Al Barari 

the farm final.jpg

Heart & Soul Spa, wellness center, the health club and course, the restaurant with a 5 star relaxing view, this place transports you to Paradise. Surrounded with natural landscapes while eating is not so bad right? The place is just beautiful, it’s like going out of town already! Keep in mind that you need to book first before you arrive in  place. You can book your table here.

10. XVA Art Hotel (Al Fahidi Historical area)

xva final.jpg

Heritage and History. This place is magical, truly a gem worth visiting! From the busiest and noisiest crowd outside to the most tranquil and serene space inside.
The curtains you see from the dining courtyard are the rooms of the hotel.
Before you arrive to the dining space, you’ll see paintings and arts coming from different artists.
Friday morning is advisable as the area is always crowded and it’s tough to find parking.

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