How To Walk On Pedestrian Lane In France

Have you read one article about Japanese tourists crossing the pedestrian lane in Paris, patiently waiting for the GO green sign, while on the the other hand, the french locals are doing the opposite way?
 Embed from Getty Images
Well, they are known from being aggressive with the “I don’t care attitude” when it comes to passing the zebra line.  4 out 10 French locals cross the lane even when it’s on the STOP sign (red light).
In 2012, 11,293 injury accidents involved pedestrians or 18.6% of all accidents was recorded from French Road Safety Observation in France – Sécurité routière
Fast forward to 2017, the French road and safety created a campaign for the people jumping the red light for pedestrians and it’s funny!

 You think it’s going to be effective? #virtualcrashbillboard

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