Copy or Cat? Is Copying the Secret to Brand’s Success?

My husband gave me a Miu miu handbag, he bought in Mall of the Emirates as a gift, after a month, the bag seemed to be laos (outdated) already. The Bloggers, either they have sponsors or they buy then re-sell the items immediately. But I’m not a fashion blogger! And so when you see the micro bags of Prada, Dior and the rest, I’m feeling high and I want some, now. But then I asked myself, is it worth?
Of course Birkin bags are like classic bags that can last for decades, but how about the “only-now-it-bags”? esp. the quirky ones, have you seen the very playful Fendi bug & monster bags? How months do you think it’ll stay? I bet max. 3 months then another trend will surpass this design, same goes to rubber shoes, they release new items/designs every when? O my! What a business! Kashing kashing!
Moving on, Did you somehow realize when you enter at one shop, you’ll realize wait wait wait – that looks like the design of ……!
What is the rule of thumb? They say, from the left and right problems of couture designers all over the world, when it’s 10,000% exact copy of the dress, then you can file a complaint/case because obviously, they stole your design. But when they put a single button, sequence or a split – then it’s now yours!
So, when collection fades faster than selling shawarma’s in Deira, does it still matter to invest on high end products?
Are the copycat items considered fake nowadays?
How about if you buy it from a well known shop? Is it counted as fake or no?
Still don’t get me? I’ll show you some photo’s of products from A-list designers vs. the…







So, what do you think?

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