Are you a house wife here in UAE?
For sure you already asked Google on how you can earn a little bit of money while staying home.
Well, some of the suggestions are not so realistic right? Like try to be a dog caretaker. Earn money using services, use your expertise, etc. The question, Are there any suggestions one can do without literally going out of the house?
But my suggestions are two time more unrealistic. (haha), dare yourself sometimes!

1. Blogging

Blogging is not reporting. You don’t need to be 24/7 watching news nor always sniffing what’s on in your city. It’s like real life diary, writing what interests you is not a bad idea for a start right? Plus, no deadlines, no quotas, no boss! Just like me, I started writing only a month ago, I’m still learning for sure, but at least I started. (which is always the hardest part – to start). Bet, somebody told you can earn money thru advertisements on your website.

2. Investment

Allergic of the this word? Well, maybe you don’t just fully understand the real meaning of it. Have you heard of the game Farmville from Facebook? This is basically the same, but here you are earning real money.
There are companies back in our country that you can simply buy crops online like squash, papaya, green chili, even fish and poultry then wait for it to mature/grow. The company will sell to the market and voila! you get your cut! Yep, without doing anything at all!
How much is this cut that I’m talking about? Like 20-30%, not bad eh?
It’s called Farmon.ph


farmonphprofit -thekbyn
Profit from buying Green chili & fish online

3. Want another Investment? Let’s call it Stocks

This generation of investors are really lucky! There so many seminars and lectures here in UAE on how to start investing on stocks. It’s very overwhelming only in the beginning but once you started, you will be guided, simply by watching tutorial videos and blogs!
Consider this investment like gold in the cave, as this is the fastest way to double, triple up your money whether it’s for long term or strategic averaging method or quick day to day buy and sell basis.
You can do this home, in the malls, everywhere you have a laptop and a wifi!
Heads up: This gives me more money compare to my monthly salary at work! Ow I don’t speak pesos here, I speak dirhams!

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 5.45.45 PM.png

4. Baking

This one’s a no brainer, if you have the passion for baking, not cooking (meaning, only on special occasions), better take advantage of it. Bake for your friend’s birthday, or your flatmate’s anniversary. This is really an easy cash!
Embed from Getty Images


5. Sell your stuffs

Don’t want to go to middleman and get the right amount you want from your pre-loved items? There’s so many apps here in UAE, one of this is  Shedd.
Just click, post, then communicate with the buyer or the seller about the amount and how the item will be delivered. Tha’ts it! It’s about time to stop collecting stuffs, after all we’re all expats here, theres no need for bulky closet right?



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