Women’s Perspective On Driving in Dubai

I’ve been driving for more than 5 years in the City. Back then, and ’til now, the manner of how drivers act are same. The only difference is volume in traffic or  quantity of cars on road.
Cause of accidents are 99% same, 1% I blame it to “a level up distracted driving” using mobile phones with apps and games as internet/data packages improved over the years.
The very first car I drove in Dubai was my husband’s, it’s quite low, supercharged horsepower, superb breaks, auto rotating mirrors, wire mesh grille and so on. I must say, it’s not so bad as a starter. I didn’t feel the problem on changing lanes, sudden breaks, etc., the only sensation I feel when I’m driving that car is I sometimes feel they want to race with me esp. in SZR (then I got a fine for biting that game).
Fast forward to now, do you drive a Sedan? 2 door car? or any mini car? 
Sell it now and buy a SUV (like what we did). Of course if you have a 2-door Lambo, Bentley Sedan, or any car with a plate number 100 or any customized “super expensive” plate nos., that surely cars won’t even dare to blow a horn and cut your way – you know I’m not talking about you.
Why SUV? For us, it has more sense of security. We’re only thinking, if one time somebody will swerve, we know the car is not like a thin can that can be crashed easily.
“Besides, are we not dealing with super power cars outside? oh scratch, aren’t we dealing with armies that are so so angry and ready to battle on road?”
If I were to wear something inside the car, surely (and sarcastically) it would be this! A-HOO! A-HOO!
driving in dubai
Safety first?
Have you tried driving during Ramadan? like 30 minutes before the sun goes down? Just look at the image below and that easy translates the attitude of cars on road. 
Photo from Magnus Manske (Wikimedia Commons)
Image interpretation not enough? Well, let’s say it’s an orchestra of bouncing objects from aggressive and impatient drivers. Like a car from far left jumping right in front of you (which you are in far right) #ohsoextreme
Question: If radars are already memorized by drivers, how about dash cameras?
Photo from Openeyedubai


It was only in 2016 that this issue has been raised. The proposal was submitted to the Federal Traffic Council to allow drivers to use dashboard cameras out on the roads.
The idea behind the proposal was to eliminate any doubt behind the cause of road accidents, and to help authorities in identifying traffic offenders and catch them red-handed.
Basically, having dash camera is LEGAL, provided that you will buy it from one and only shop, the OpenEye Security & Installations.
Mike Singer, Executive Brand Manager of OpenEye Security and Installations – the only company licensed in the UAE to distribute, monitor and install dash cams for commercial use – says that the benefits of a dash cam are just as important to the individual motorist as they are to the police. “It can help prove your innocence to the Dubai Police or your insurance company in case of faulty judgement,” he said, adding that the company has a registry it created in collaboration with the Department of Protective Systems.
My advice ladies, the road teaches us on how to move on from our feelings within 10 seconds (this is a good training after a heart break), so there’s no point to be angry and to fight back with men. Apart from buying SUV, have a dash camera installed and lastly, keep your cool till the end of your destination.  
Yeah, the road teaches with 10-sec.-get-over-rule, how about the parking rule? Even you have checked all the safety items on your list, sometimes life is really a b&^*#$$#. Some body stole your parking, then you wake up with a scratch! Oh, cherry on top! Where can i buy this keeping your cool? 
Happy Driving ladies!
Embed from Getty Images

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