Cyber Security Strategy In Dubai

The Dubai Rulers launched the “Dubai Cyber Security Strategy” that aims to strengthen City’s position as a world leader in innovation, safety and security. His Highness called for unifying the efforts of governmental and private institutions and individuals to provide a secure cyber space and to make Dubai the safest electronic city in the world.
The plan focuses on five main domains:
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1st: With cyber smart nation which aims to raise public awareness on the importance of cyber security, ensuring building a society that is fully aware of the dangers of cybercrime, as well as developing the skills and capabilities required to manage cyber security risks among government and private institutions and individuals in Dubai.
2nd: With innovation in the field of cyber security, and the establishment of a secure and safe cyberspace characterized by freedom and justice, so as it encourages innovation in Dubai.
3rd: To build a secure cyberspace “Cyber Security” by establishing controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of data.
4th: To  focus on maintaining the flexibility of the cyberspace “Cyber Resilience” and ensuring the continuity and availability of IT systems in cyberspace. These objectives can only be achieved through the national and international collaboration among different sectors, and thus, the fifth domain is concerned with this aspect.
5th: The phase that will witness number of effective initiatives that will contribute to achieving the strategy’s objectives and providing a secure cyberspace for users, making Dubai’s cyber security experience a global model.

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