No Plastic Bags In Dubai

In celebrating the World Environment Day, Choithrams, one of major grocery firm in the city together with Unilever announced the phasing out of plastic bags in Dubai stores effective immediately (announced on June 5th). The strategy to use paper  will reduce plastics going into landfill and protect the endangering wildlife.
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An estimated 11 Billion plastic bags are used every year in Dubai, Apart from commercial establishments putting a big push, we hope the government will also implement strict laws and put fines regarding this matter, as people in the city are care less when it comes to wastes and how it will impact our surroundings.
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“We are committed to adopting sustainable solutions to address the major challenges that have an impact on our environment and our society. A collaborative effort and a more proactive approach to recycling will make a big difference to the community and also empower people to be more conscientiousness of their surroundings. We encourage our consumers to work closely with us towards protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.” – Choithrams Chairman L.T. Pagarani 
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