How To Get Schengen Visa For Spouse/ Family Member From EU Country Applied In UAE

Last wednesday (June 14th), we were thinking to go europe for next week’s Eid holiday. I checked my Schengen visa expiry and boom! – it’s expired, yaiks!
Since my husband is coming from EU country, we immediately called the consulate to ask for visa processing and etc. They told us to go at exactly  12 noon in the consulate. Note: we arrived 11:39am, they didn’t allow us to enter, so it must be exactly 12noon okay?


visa appointment.jpg

What are the requirements?
  • Filled application form, click here.
  • Original passport with at least six months validity and 3 months validity for residence visa 
  • Applicant’s passport and visa copy
  • Copy of Marriage certificate
  • Copy of the spouse’s passport and resident’s visa
  • Travel Insurance, in my case I gave my Medical Insurance issued by the company.
  • 2 pcs. passport size photo with white background
  • ZERO (0) fee in AED
I submitted my documents to the guy that is collecting all the forms and identification cards (inside the consulate of course). After 5 minutes of waiting, they handed me a paper (shown below).
They said it’ll be 2 working days to process the visa, but since June 16 & 17 is week end, I need to go back on Sunday (June 18) for the collection. Voila! Easy huh! Woah! I how I wish the Philippine consulate can work same as the other consulates. (No fuzz and no queues, a little bit more professional)
Note: If this is your first time to apply for Schengen visa, same documents & procedure applies plus an additional of  finger print scanning.




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