Just How Fancy Malls Here Dubai Nowadays

You know the machine, the moment you enter mall, where you can simply get the paper to guide you in case you forgot where you parked?
How about the bracelet from another machine where you can encode details of your child  and emergency contact numbers, in case your child will be lost somewhere in the mall?
Ah…that’s nothing compared to these new service the malls can offer.
Fancy this! Tired of walking from window shopping? Well, there’s a taxi inside the mall.
Ez Taxi can be found in The Dubai Mall
Timings: Weekdays from 10am to 10pm; Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10am till midnight
No. of persons: 3 Adults + 2 Children from one point to another (15mins. max) -15AED
Pricing: 20 AED from one end to other;  30 AED Approx. 2 km (one way) 
Now, how about walking with a cart the entire time you’re shopping? Nah! That’s not fancy! Check this out – Shop, Drop all your shopping bags in the mall, go home, then your bags are delivered right at your doorstep for free! Lazy who? heh!
There are two malls that are catering these services (as of this writing), The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.
Shopping bags drop off in Mall of the Emirates


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