Iftar Experience At Al Iwan Burj Al Arab

After blogging the Iftar deals at Jumeirah Hotels in Dubai, link here, in case you never heard of it. Booked and waited for one week, finally, we were able to set our feet on the 7 star hotel.
Iftar, yeah, it’s the cheapest way to eat dinner in this hotel, so we took advantage of it! 
At the beginning I called in the Al Falak ballroom, but they only entertain corporate or group of at least 10 people. So I moved to Al Iwan Restaurant, located on 1st level, just above the grand lobby area.
The last time I went in Burj Al Arab was 2009, It was Christmas season. From 2009 to now, the beauty of the place remains absolutely same.
December 2009
June 2017
Lobby area
View from lobby area, sight of the hotel rooms

Inside the restaurant
Al Iwan restaurant is serving arabic food, with more than 5 types of salad that you can choose from plus smoked fish, kebabs, chicken and lamb dishes.
We arrived inside the restaurant with tables already filled up with small serving of hummus, moutabal, almond yougurt, dates, nuts and olives.


And while people are waiting for exactly 7:12 in the evening (where sun completely sets down – on that day), people starts to roam around the buffet area to get portions of food. 


For me the highlight of the buffet are the wide selections of salad, #Greensandbeans are almost everywhere, while kebabs are placed altogether in one small corner. 
The desserts aren’t that impressive as the theme is merely limited to arabic sweets. They have only one type of cake (cheesecake with milk chocolate & Burj stamp  on top) which for me, tastes literally butter.
At the end of our meal, we didn’t feel full and bloated (which is very nice after a buffet), maybe because we mainly ate salad and small portions of meat.  
Was the experience nice? I say yes! A table inside the 7 star hotel with a sea view, good arabic food plus unlimited drinks and coffee/tea for 290AED it’s not so bad! See you next Iftar Burj!








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