Want 3D Printer Now?

Yes, the story of this #d printing takes time, for us who would like to print our own rubber shoes right?
For now, where can we buy something to fill our imagination with these 3D printers?
Cubify Cube 3rd Generation 3D Printer – AED 5,799.00
Cubify Cube 3rd Generation 3D Printer – White color
Cubify Cube 3rd Generation 3D Printer – Black color
The latest 3rd Generation Cubify 3D Printer features a large build space, the ability to print in both PLA & ABS and able to perform Dual Extrusion. It also has advanced connectivity making printing effortless with the option to Print Wireless, Wired or Mobile using your PC, Mac or a Mobile device.
  • 3D printing and you – Print what you use. Print what you wear. Print for your home. Print for those you love. Print for your life. Love what you make.
  • More color, limitless choice – Liven things up with more than 20 colors and dual-color jetted mashables. Mix and match dual-color and dual-materials. Cube printing with recyclable ABS and compostable PLA plastic has never been so limitless.
  • Convenience in the palm of your hand – Enjoy the freedom of mobile printing direct from the Cubify app for iOS and Android. Find new things to print in the curated brand collections or browse the Design Feed for inspiration to add to your shelf. Prep and print from your smartphone direct to Cube.
  • Print fast, make more – Make time by saving time with quick set up, an intuitive color touchscreen UI for wireless and on the go printing that is 2X faster than other printers.
  • Print easier, print smarter – Getting there is easy with instant-load cartridges. Instant material loading is now easier than changing an ink cartridge. The new non-clog technology and moisture-lock cartridges ensure extended shelf life and total material usage, improving print quality and sustainability. The printer detects material type automatically based on the cartridge, eliminating the need to change print settings. The cartridges are easy to load and store while preserving the life and quality of the materials. Preloaded filament jets and an auto-leveling print pad for 70 micron high-resolution ensure beautiful, effortless prints every time.
  • Kid-safe for every home – Fun for everyone, certified-safe home printing invites children to explore their creativity at home, the library or the classroom. Cube is recommended for children 8+ and meets IEC Home Printer Certification 60953 (TUV).
  • Customize your print in two colors – Color your prints with paintbrush simplicity. Now you can paint custom designs on your prints using the crease angle two color selection feature. This amazing software feature allows you to paint on custom details to enhance your design. Add a face, give it stripes, all with incredible ease. Then print it on your Cube in two colors.
Technical Specifications
Weight & Dimensions
  • Cube dimensions (with cartridge): 13.2(w) x 13.5(h) x 9.5(d) inches / 33.5(w) x 34.3(h) x 24.1(d) cm
  • Operating Envelope: 28.9(w) x 20.6(h) x 15.8(d) inches / 73.4(w) x 52.3(h) x 40.1(d) cm
  • Cube weight (with cartridge): 17 lbs / 7.7 kg
  • Box dimensions: 26.3(w) x 20(h) x 14.5(d) inches / 66.8(w) x 50.8(h) x 36.8(d) cm
  • Box weight: 22 lbs / 10 kg
  • Wireless: Print over WiFi with the Cubify app for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Wired: Transfer print files with the USB stick (supplied with the Cube)
  • Mobile devices: Print direct with the Cubify app for iOS and Android (available soon for free download)
Print Properties:
  • Technology: Plastic Jet Printing (PJP)
  • Print jets: Dual jets
  • Maximum design size: 6 x 6 x 6 inches / 15.25 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm
  • Material: Tough recyclable ABS plastic or compostable PLA plastic
  • Layer thickness: 70 microns, fast mode: 200 microns
  • Supports: Fully Automated, easy to peel off
  • Dual cartridges: Each cartridge prints 13 to 14 mid-sized creations
Where to Buy?
website: uae.fashionsouq or click here
email: support@fashionsouq.com
Customer Service no.: 04 4272467

Creopop Pen Starter Kit with 3 Ink Cartridges – AED 599.00
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.32.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.35.18 PM
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.35.20 PM
Creopop is the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. Creopop pens have no hot parts or melting plastic, which makes them safe in a home environment.
This package includes: 1 Creopop Printing Pen, 3 Ink Cartridges and a Starter’s Guide.
  • Uses light-sensitive photopolymers instead of melting plastic
  • Safe for both children and adults
  • Charged via USB
  • Works with an amazing selection of ink 
Where to Buy?
Any Virgin Megastore Dubai
Online delivery, click here

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