Applying for US Visa? Prepare Your Social Media Accounts

Does your Employer keeps an eye on your Instagram posts? Or your organization tracking your tweeter feeds? How about writing  your social media accounts when applying for a visa? That’s new! Oh I missed the days when social media are supposed to be fun and free!

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It was already one month since the Trump administration released a tougher screening for visa applicants and this time, it requires social media scrutiny. 
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The State Department formally enacted the expanded questionnaire, which will force applicants to disclose their social media handles from the last five years and biographical information going back 15 years.
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Additional questions are the following:
  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • past addresses
  • previous employment
  • travel history
The request of additional information is  “to confirm identity or conduct more rigorous national security vetting.” – State Department official 
The questions are technically voluntary, but the form notes that failing to answer could delay or outright prevent the visa’s processing. 

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