Uber to collect old phones & laptops in Dubai

Per capita, UAE consumers generate roughly 17.2 kilograms of e-waste every year which amounted to almost 600,000 tonnes in 2015 and is expected to climb to 900,000 tonnes by 2020, according to United Nations stats.

New campaign is happening in the city as  announced on World Environment Day. 
How does it work?
1st, download the Uber app
2nd, click the UberRecycle button, this will call the uber driver free of charge to collect old desktop computers and monitors, mobiles and dead laptops for recycling.
Note: pickup window will be only from July 2 to July 4 (Sunday to Tuesday) from 10am – 4pm.
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Organisers said that community members living in Dubai Science Park, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Outsource City can request an Uber on-demand using the application to pick up e-waste materials.
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“We want to provide people with an easy and reliable way to play a role in reducing e-waste and preserving our environment by properly recycling their retired phones, outdated laptops and old gadgets,” – Chris Free, General Manager of Uber UAE
 “This campaign raises awareness about the importance of recycling and the role it has in reducing our carbon footprint and creating more sustainable, eco-friendly business practices.” – Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Executive Director at Dubai Science Park
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