Plastic Rice in Dubai

“Confirmed News”

This is one of the initiative launched by Dubai Municipality which aims to reduce the circulation of rumors that are spread through the means of social media and to correct false news and malicious rumors and address them quickly.
We can’t blame the resident’s (even out of UAE) if we see this video on how to process from plastic bags to rice. Watch the video, here. Shocking!
Last month, the Dubai Municipality  clarified the issue about “fake rice in Dubai”. They confirmed that the rumors in the city aren’t true.
 “Reports like these are issued from time to time to question the safety of food available in the emirate’s markets. All types of rice available in Dubai markets are natural. Though high or low quality types of rice are available; they are within the approved specifications,” –Iman Al Bastaki, Director of Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality
She added, the municipality devoted a large force of observers and inspectors in all areas concerning the protection of public health and food.
How to spot fake and real rice?
  • It should not be super white in color
  • Not rounded in shape 
  • Shape & size should not be typical
  • Not glossy/ shiny
  • Not lightweight
  • The grain should not be hard to crack into two


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