Every Time I Go Out From Dubai

Last June 22 (thursday) was already the beginning of the Eid holiday for us. We booked to Budapest 3 days before flying to the country.
They say, you’ll always learn something when you travel.

Each and every country, even coming to my hometown, I always learn small things that leaves a big influence on how I deal my everyday life right now.
How is it possible that every time I leave Dubai, whether I go to EU or in Asian 3rd world country, I always see better life?
Does it mean my Dubai-Goodbye-Calendar is almost over? Maybe…
When I came here in 2008, I immediately love this Place. Back then, everything looks easy, simple and AFFORDABLE! I was running in Zaabeel park in the evening when I realized that I don’t want to go back home in the Philippines anymore. I even stop paying my pension fees, bec. I was thinking – what for? I checked the Naturalization procedure and then I was heart broken, I can’t be a citizen of this country! They don’t have a USA version of Green Card and Nooo, don’t want to settle with one of their men here as well, so sorry for me.
Now, it all changed.
I have seen how the city evolved in 10 years.
I have been an employee, employer and house wife all in that 10 years! So, I dealt a lot in this city.
So, what did I simply appreciate in Budapest (this time) that I can’t see here in Dubai…
1. You see different types of people. Punk style people, sporty style, heavy metal people, extremely gay couples, tattooed girls, colored (pink, blue green, red) haired girls, etc.  – This is a sight you don’t normally see in Dubai, everybody’s filtered here, if you look strange, “it’s like” you aren’t accepted here.
2. Couples (old couples – like 50’s and above) are kissing on streets! Even in Thermal bath that aged 70’s (It’s quite a sweet sight!!!)
3. They know how to relax, in not an expensive way! We enjoyed the Thermal bath so much, maybe because it’s a place where majority of people are old (no kids / no noise) Oh! I’m feeling old? Nah!

Budapest3 copy.jpg


3. This one is obviously by default, never in a Muslim country – where celebrating the best views with alcohol (parks, streets, by the sea, anywhere). Almost everyone is walking with beers on their hands, yay! breeze……


Budapest2.1 copy.jpg

4. People, friends and lovers stay outdoors (not in a restaurant, NOT IN THE MALL) to be close with nature just sitting, laughing with their own bottles of wine. #LIFEIWANT


5. With a fancy place as this, eating with casual wear is also entertained. No need for Hermes bags! Manolo Blahnik shoes, heavy make ups and not to forget the tiger stares of ….


6. Eating means eating! Not scrolling the phone while eating. I love Europe, they really know the value of having a good conversation while eating.
Oh unless you’re checking your stocks, forex, gold value, business but checking Facebook? boohyeah! (reminds me how everyone’s telling you they’re so busy!) (mental)
7. Old, young – Sunday morning is market day! They say, the real identity of the city lies in the markets (not malls). Yes, I’ve been to fish market and Ras Al khor fruit and vegetable market. No comment.

Budapest6 copy.jpg

7. Apart from meat shop to souvenirs up to food stalls, they have cakes! Cakes that are really good, not to mention the price. It only costs “Tastes-Really-Good-3to5AED”. Not So-So-I-Wasted-My-Money-20AED.

Budapest7 copy.jpg

8. Pedestrian lane + Cycling lane (priority)
Even major streets have bicycle lanes. I hope Dubai will have something like this within the City apart from Jumeirah Open beach, Al Qudra and Nad Al Sheba area.

Budapest8 copy.jpg

9. Walking 
We really came from the city that relies on cars, when we ask directions from point A to B, they say 5 mins walk, well in fact it is 30-40 mins. of walking! Hello Europe. 
From the time we set foot on the City, we just keep on walking, with minimum  of 15K steps per day! In Dubai oh no… This one’s we need to improve (yes, I’m totally speaking with myself)..
10. It’s A warm place.
Not the weather but the people are warm. Everywhere! Not a typical EU country (ehem Paris, ahooo Austria). When you enter a place or shop they smile and accept you immediately (without looking at you from top to bottom). You see everywhere agents of Bus tours, they will offer you their services in a nice way and even if you reject them, they still bid you “It’s okay, you have a nice day!” I mean? really? They are not arrogant and you will not hear the famous “Excuse me, excuse me” if you are not entertained immediately.
Tik tok! Dubai Clock.





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