Command and Control Center in Dubai

Think you can live alone without being watched? Well that’s the case before cctv cameras arrived on this planet. Now, we’re like in one house controlled by Big Brother.
Is it good? It’s for our own safety anyway right?
Over a month ago, the RTA (Roads and Transportation Authority) opens a Command and Control Centre, called EC3. It’s the biggest and most sophisticated control of its kind worldwide.
  • it utilizes smart technologies and has the ability to control & integrate various transit means of the RTA
  • it enables the development of proper mobility plans to cope with various transport challenges in the Emirate
  • it enables the control of all mass transit systems namely the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, public buses, taxis and marine transit modes in addition to the traffic control systems
  • it has accessibility to the mass transit system and the traffic system to enable the leadership team to take appropriate decisions during emergencies and crises
  •  it can link with external systems outside the RTA, besides receiving and managing the feed of about 11,231 surveillance cameras
The centre has a total area of 10,900 square meters with a built up area of 6,996 square meters which comprises of five levels.
The EC3 will play a pivotal role in streamlining mobility during main events & exhibitions in the Emirate, such as Expo 2020, supporting the strategic transport planning, and integrating it with RTA’s main systems & controls.

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