Our Grand Budapest Hotel in Hungary

Have you seen the movie? The Grand Budapest hotel of ย Wes Anderson? My husband and I like this director, he creates movies in a very different way. Hmm, how about the Royal Tenenbaums? Never heard of it too? Booh you! You need some upgrades on your movie lists! ๐Ÿ˜›

Going back to the Grand Budapest Hotel, after watching the movie, I had in my mind a picture of how Budapest “should ย look like”.. sometimes I disconnect myself from real world. (call it stupidity hehe)
Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 2.47.10 PM.png
The Grand Budapest Movie Poster
Booking on a last minute, like days just before the Eid holiday didn’t gave us the luxury of choosing the best ones. The ย 5 star hotels are fully booked and even 4 stars are gradually popping out SOLD OUT in booking.com. You know the sensation, sometimes you doubt if it’s a tactic to create an impulsive scene, but then I realized oww it’s Eid holiday for all muslims all over the world – it makes sense. So I filtered the remaining one’s left within the center of the City and booked in Bohem Art Hotel.
Bohem art Hotel.jpg
The Bohem Art Hotel with an “e” sign from street view
Budapest hotel map.jpg
Hotel location map
We normally book within city center, for us, we’re here for a vacation, why do we need to book far end then waste time traveling going towards the center? It’s more nice to step right outside the hotel and drink coffee while watching people walk, the Parisian way… Oh when’s next vacay?!
The Bohem Art Hotel is a 4 star hotel located in the center. It might not be the one I’m thinking like in Paris but few steps from the hotel (2 minutes walk), we already reached The Great Market and Vaci street, where the entire stretch of street is dedicated for tourist with shops and restaurants.ย 
Great Market Budapest.jpg
The Great Market
The hotel and rooms are clean yet the only problem is really the space. Luggages can’t fit, we have to always close it to be able to move freely. It reminded me of the hotel we booked in Hong Kong, The Kowloon Hotel.
Bohem art hotel reception.jpg
Lobby area
Bohem art hotel bed.jpg
Bedroom space
Bohem art hotel view copy.jpg
View from our room
Bohem art hotel bed2.jpg
Luggage space
Yeah,ย when you are used to big spaces in Dubai,ย that small space is an issue.
However, that’s a small set back if you’ll look in the totality esp. the services. People from reception area, morning buffet and the airport transfer drivers are very warm and nice.
They have two (2) elevators, which I appreciate so much. Clear directions where fire exits are located (not that you need to rotate the fire exit plan for you to be able to grasp where you are – esp for people who are not so familiar with floor plans).
It rained one full day, they have supply of umbrella’s for all the guests.
The coffee/tea is free from 2-5pm (coz they don’t provide kettle and tea inside the room). Nuts, crackers and chocolates are also free and are just placed on top of tables. It’s self service, you get your own, you remove also your own cups in courtesy for the next guests.
coffee and bar area.jpg
Coffee area by day, Alcohol bar by night (the pink sliding door opens by night)
computer station.jpg
Computer area
The entire hotel is covered with wifi connection (fast connection by the way), whether you’re in lobby area or in dining area. That’s why nowadays, these computers are mainly for display onlyย (unless you need a quick booking).
Bohem art hotel dining.jpg
Dining area
The best part of this hotel apart from the location and friendliness of the staff is the breakfast buffet. Variety, variety, variety!
I’m an avocado+boiled egg+nut bar morning person but this buffet, my morning routine can be changed (hehe).ย I ate boiled egg, still and couscous with vegetables and sausages!
The sausage tastes even like the longganisa in the Philippines, so mornings are like home. (except for the couscous of course)
From basket of boiled egg down to couscous

buffet 01.jpg


For 4 days and 3 nights stay we paid exactly AED2,054 (AED685/night).ย It was and Eid holiday, I don’t have an idea if prices in Europe also rise during these occasions.
For more details:
Bohem Art Hotel (4 star), click here

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