My Bangalore Experience

When my husband is scheduled for a meeting in Bangalore, I immediately became his official assistant! Call me +1 (hehe).
So while he’s busy working, I manage to stroll alone in the City.

Back in the office here in Dubai, I had a spanish officemate seated beside me, I remember his reaction when it comes to the country India. It’s negative to share (sad). In addition to that, from international news, they don’t advice women to travel alone esp. walking by night and in dark spaces. So my first days in Bangalore was between to stay in the hotel all day or just go out and see it for yourself kinda sensation.
The hotel map doesn’t even show where the exact location of the hotel is, and so I started drawing the road and streets that I will be needing for my solo walk.

Bangalore hotel map.jpg

st marks.jpg
Inside St. Mark’s Hotel Bangalore
We love Indian food here in Dubai, I don’t even understand some Filipinos why they prefer American Pizza or pasta rather than eating a power packed spice Indian food. I can be a vegetarian by just eating their veg. food. (veg. veg) as how they say it in Bangalore. In our country, green peas are just an accessory or add ons when you want to cook a fried rice. With Indian food, it can be your main dish! Curry peas & Jeera Rice , omy!
First night was purely excitement on eating Indian food in India! We went in UB City and tried the Made in Punjab Restaurant.

made in punjab me.jpg

made in punjab.jpg
Food in Made in Punjab Restaurant

chicken tandoori.jpg

Broccoli Badaam
We were blown away with the taste and the ambience. The broccoli badam is very new to us, it is roasted in tandoor with badaam paste.
We also tried the Lassi, samosa and of course the local beer, King fisher.


kign fisher.jpg
Local beer
For women to stroll alone in Bangalore is totally safe! The city is surrounded with foreigners, even the buffet breakfast in the hotel are mostly corporate and for  business gatherings. Nobody followed me on streets like how they followed me in Cairo. (that one’s really sick!)
motor bikes.jpg
Parked private motorcycles
The motorcycles really caught my attention. I looked weird to those who saw me taking pictures of it (hehe). The reason is because in our country, your motorcycle whether you parked it with chains or not – it is always in danger from thieves. While here, they park it freely and even leaving their helmets just like that.
When I went to Starbucks, I really like the vibe inside. It’s a combination of foreigners and locals. I, again observed how the people move and act, at some point one guy left his bag, laptop and things unattended while smoking outside. This is another scenario hard to achieve in our country. Maybe in Fort/ Makati area yes, but Bangalore is like Manila version in the Philippines. Yes, it still amazes me.
We think India is a poor country and much more negative things, but in reality, to know the truth, one must go and see it.
For me, it’s a beautiful place. It woke my senses of boredom in Dubai. The rickshaws are too noisy, the cars communicate through honking their horns continuously yet I manage to enjoy and convert it into Philharmonic. The driving attitude is really mad, so mad that one local I know doesn’t even want to drive in her beloved country, but I enjoyed the thrill of being inside the rickshaw squeezing his car in between two cars without slowing down. The place is so polluted, I started coughing, felt heavy on my lungs and became sick for a week when we hit Dubai.
Despite all these, I enjoyed it! I felt Alive!
I‘m looking forward for another India trip, the golden triangle, Delhi – Agra – Jaipur!

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