10 Things Not to Miss in Bangalore

With only few days left to explore the Bangalore, I immediately booked for a week end tour to have a quick view of the city. I booked with Bluefoot Tours.

BG flower2.jpg
On our way to the Farmer’s Market

See that first picture above? Yep! I survived that tough crowd! I was even a pro! It reminded me of one place in Manila – Divisoria. That is the entry way towards the market, from there, you will need to walk 2 blocks to finally see the flower and fruit market.

1. KR Market – Flower Mela or City Market

It is considered to be one of the biggest flower markets in Asia. It has three floors;  flowers and vegetables on the lower ground floor, dry goods on the upper ground floor and tools and machine-tools accessories on the first floor.

BG flower7.jpg
KR Market – Flower Mela

View from 1st level, it was really a stunning sight! People are simply busy doing flower arrangements.

BG flower10.jpg


Rose Vendors
Men doing the flower arrangements



2. Bangalore Palace

The palace was built in Tudor style architecture with fortified towers. The palace is mostly constructed of wood which has been carved beautifully as well as the  paintings.

It was just aggressive when we reached the place, one guy immediately approached us if we would like to take him as a tour guide. We said no, he said you cannot take pictures! even the view from the outside – NO! and so we tried to enter the place, they have their own ticket section and paid Rs450, if you will use your camera, Rs675 and simply disregard the tour guide.

Bangalore Palace
BG castle7.jpg
Me with the Locals

When these girls saw us, they said can we have a picture? I thought they want to have a picture with  my handsome husband 😛 but they said no, with you. I never imagined I have a celebrity power inside of me – i doubt it for a while. But then I realise why, I was wearing one of their traditional clothes! (As I mentioned on my “about me” section, I’m really fond of wearing traditional dress of other countries. You connect immediately to their hearts when you have a piece of their culture/ tradition or history. Aww melt!

Room and courtyard inside the Palace


3. Commercial Street

Pose First…
BG market3.jpg
Now, haggle! 🙂

This is one full block of shops! Endless shops, street after street after another. The bad side, rickshaw drivers know you’re a tourist when you said the destination is on this commercial market. They charged more than 2x the regular fare. Apart from that, they have a tie up with some shops that If you’ll stop to see their shops, he will give you a good price on fare. They’re very persistent – you’ll give up and end up walking away. (haisst)


4. ANU life center

BG charity1.1.jpg


Pouches made by women in the ANU life


Upon entering the slums, our tour guide also booked us to see a place where 12 women are working on recycling tetra paks, rice / cement sacks and convert it to nice handbags, laptop covers and pouches. I managed to speak with the head of the organization and shared with me and my husband how the women are dealing with their everyday lives. Unfortunately, all these 12 women have husbands that are all alcoholic and sometime they have been beaten up. The money they get goes immediately to the alcohol of their husbands. So, the organization teaches them how to handle the money wisely and spend it for their kids’ education and food.

Buying their items will help at least save the women from bad situation they are right now. For more info to those who would like to help, click here.


5. Dhobi Ghat in MV Garden

BG laudry4.jpg
technique on hanging clothes without pin


Dhobis means a washerman or washerwoman. In this place, they wash the hotel pillow cases  and sheets in a traditional way.


6. St. Mark’s Cathedral

BG churchA1.jpg


The Cathedral is founded in 1808 and is located at the west end of Mahatma Gandhi Road. Its architecture is inspired by the 17th century St Paul’s Cathedral.

7. St. Mary’s Basilica


The basilica has been built in the Gothic style with arches, ornamental motifs, and stained glass windows. It is among the oldest churches in Bangalore. One thing that caught my attention is Mama Mary is wearing a saree as you can see from the picture above.


8. Shivajinagar Gujri scrap market

BG repair1.jpg

It is the oldest scrap market in the country. This place is just 1 minute walk from St. Mary’s church. Our tour guide brought us here to see the amazing range of about 600 stalls of scraps. It’s like a full village of scraps!

9.  Gurdwara (Sikh temple)


BG sikh3.jpg

People from all faiths, and those who do not profess any faith, are welcomed in Sikh gurdwaras. Everybody, regardless of what profession are welcome to help cook, ways the dishes or clean the place. This place caters vegetarian food for free. Gurdwaras around the world may also serve the Sikh community in other ways, including acting as libraries of Sikh literature and schools to teach children Gurmukhi, housing the Sikh scriptures, and organizing charitable work in the wider community on behalf of Sikhs.


10.  Enjoy the City itself!

Ride a rickshaw and let them play their driving game
Find the humor in the city 🙂
Look up! The city is surrounded by Hawks
and also look down, the flowers are beautiful 🙂



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