Free Magazines in Dubai

Are you a sucker for Magazines, whether it’s a lifestyle, fahion or travel?

Coz I am!!! Since I love magazines, I kept searching stalls where they give freebies. (yep)
Coz again, I want something like it will supply me on a monthly basis without taking out one dirham from my pocket. (sounds very demanding..)
It’s possible, because I found one where I can get that! It’s my long time secret, and I can give you handful of magazines more than just your weekly Shortlists and Stylists.
Free Magazines
It’s located in Souk Madinat.
14 magazine weighs 6kgs.
magazine location1.jpg
Stall location 1 – infront of Madinat theatre
magazine location2.jpg
Madinat Theatre
magazine location3.jpg
Stall location 2 – in front of Costa Coffee
How much did I save for not buying these magazines?


Three hundred dirhams! 300AED! Yep! Now go get yours too! I left some other magazines that i’m not really fond of like wheels, etc.
By the way last month they have Bazaar, Bazaar Junior and Grazia Luxury.
You’re welcome!

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