My First Time Ever Thermal Bath Experience

I have been in Turkey, Italy, France, Georgia and Austria but never on my mind dared to try one of these thermal baths, not until I went to Budapest.

Szechenyi spa.jpg
Entrance door to the Spa

Once you enter the place, you will directed to the cashier and they will give a waterproof plastic wristband for you to be able to enter the premises.

price list.jpg
Price list in the Spa
Floor plan from Szechenyi Spa

They have also the details for the day’s temperature in and out of the water.

Today’s temperature

It composes of three pool types as seen on floor plan.

  • Outdoor thermal pool (101deg F/ 38deg. C)
  • Outdoor swimming pool (in the middle – prepare for shower cap when you want to swim here to avoid the whistle man)
  • Outdoor whirl pool (91deg F / 32deg. C)
Outdoor 1010degF.jpg
Outdoor thermal pool
outdoor pool.jpg
Outdoor swimming pool
whirl pool.jpg
Outdoor whirl pool

I like the whirl part of the pool. It’s like a big Jacuzzi, it has jets in pools to get some water massage, you see people are scattered? That’s because they are situated where the jets are located. Some are located at the bottom part, it blows your private part (haha funny, the old one’s enjoy this the most  :P), they have water jets located that first you need to sit  – as it massages your back.  On the semicircular part,  water swirls from time to time. Ohh… this place is really heaven!Relaxation it is!

Hallway going to Toilet, shower and locker area

Are you wondering if you need to bring towels and hair dryers? No need, towels are given but you need to give a deposit fee HUF 500.

Spa Inside1.jpg
Locker’s area

Lockers are completely safe, the electronic wristband will be used to open and close the lockers.

hair drying area.jpg
Hair drying area



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