Lunch at Grand Hyatt Dubai

There were rumors before that Grand Hyatt hotel when viewed from above is the Arabic text for Dubai.

top view.jpg
Top view of the Hotel

Does it look like Arabic word of Dubai? Can’t see it, how about you?

Last time we went to this Five star hotel was in 2012. I never took any single picture as I’m not into blogging that time.

Apart from never ending sale at malls, where else can we go but to simply indulge the time of eating in hotels.

When I called to book for a reservation, I didn’t even know the restaurant, all we wanted was to eat with buffet. The guy told us there’s this restaurant called The Collective which serves brunch and buffet in the evening.

The hotel is located near the Trade Center, The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and just 5-10 mins ride from Airport. It has 13 authentic Restaurants and Bars.

Grand Hyatt.jpg
View of the hotel from outside

And the highlight of this hotel? The Indoor Landscaped Garden.

Landscaped garden.jpg
Interior with landscaped garden

There are four hand crafted boats (dhows) which you’ll be seeing in the Hotel’s ceiling in the atrium. Boats were made of Ghulam timber from New Zealand and each weighs five tons.

Grand hyatt dubai1.jpg
Restaurant within the Garden

Water that runs through 3,717 square meter from indoor to outdoor garden acknowledge the major role that water has played a big role in Dubai’s success in seafaring history. With dhows (boats) playing a role of City’s commercial history.

Grand hyatt3.jpg
Plants with water feature
Grand hyatt2.jpg
Fish circling around the water area

But before you see this marvellous , you will be greeted with an image of pineapple fruit and palm leaves hanging on the ceiling.

The grand Hyatt Lobby.jpg
Lobby area

The name of this lobby lounge is Al Nakheel which means “palm trees” in Arabic.

Have you seen the Pineapple Palm Chandelier? It’s so beautiful!

It measures 9.5 meters wide, strings of hexagonal crystals like strings of pearls which reflects Dubai’s history  in trading pearls. There are approx. 150,000 crystals all from Swarovski.

After wandering around, we jumped to The Collective restaurant for lunch.

The collective.jpg
The collective restaurant

We didn’t really enter in the correct way, passing with the reception to give us seats rather we enter on the other side because we kept on roaming around the place. The guy wearing suit with a very visible kiss mark on neck welcomed us. Oh we got  more hungry! (haha kidding aside).

The collective resto1.jpg
Dining area

They have 240 seats in total. whether you prefer to seat near the food counters, near tropical garden area or outdoor, any place will surely give you a best seat.

They have four micro-concepts: Levant Emporium, The Grill bar, The Bakery and The Bombay Cafe (focusing Parsi cuisine).

The collective resto2.jpg
colorful bowls
The collective resto3.jpg
Salad section
The collective resto11.jpg
My favorite part – Hummus & Fatoush

The collective resto4.jpg

The collective resto5.jpg
Shawarma corner
The collective resto6.jpg
BBQ & Kebab section

All types of BBQ will be cooked fresh upon your choice.

The collective resto7.jpg
Chicken Kebab that I chose
The collective resto9.jpg
Steak and Fish

Steak will cooked if you like medium rare to well done. Types of Fish are to be grilled as per your request.

The collective resto15.jpg

And it tastes FRESH!!!

Tip: Before jumping to eat your appetizer, go through all the entire kitchen and choose which food you would like to be cooked (like fro BBQ’s, Kebabs, Steaks and Fish).

The collective resto18.jpg
Arabic bread

Arabic bread is done fresh as well. You can also ask them to prepare a Pizza for you! Same with the Pasta yum!

The collective resto8.jpg

The collective resto12.jpg
Roasted and grilled potatoes and vegetable section
The collective resto10.jpg
Bombay Cafe corner

The collective resto13.jpgThe collective resto14.jpg

With so many varieties, I didn’t even manage to conquer 3/4 of the area. HAHA! (there’s always a next time, I’m not really a pro in buffets).

The collective resto19.jpg
Dessert section
The collective resto20.jpg
Dates pudding and cookies
The collective resto21.jpg
Dessert section with turkish delight at the end part
The collective resto22.jpg
Crepe area
The collective resto23.jpg
Coffee and Tea area

Desserts for me is okay. i didn’t enjoy it that much.

Lastly, to end the buffet they gave us turkish coffee for my husband and I took Hot water with fresh mint. 


How much is the cost of the Brunch?

149AED for Brunch and 249AED for Dinner Buffet.

Was it worth? Of course yes! Bread is baked right in front of you, Fatoush, Hummus, Chicken kebab, Grilled fish,  beef stew are so good not to mention the unlimited fresh juices! Plus the service is  five star! 

To know more of The Collective Restaurant click here.

Contact: +971 4 317 2221

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