My Story Hotel Lisbon, Portugal

Since our vacation ticket for this month is free from the company, we book for a two way trip From Dubai to Lisbon for 2 weeks, what happens in between is a bit mess but organized. 

Our first stop obviously is in Lisbon. We booked in My Story Hotel Ouro. They have two hotels that are just few blocks away from each other. One is in Ouro, the other is in Rossio.  Ouro is located along Rua do Ouro (or Aurea) – “Ouro means Gold”, the street has been known for trading gold area.

The hotel is just right in the center of the City. (Baixa area). Walking distance to the Santa Just a Lift, Praca Comercio, Church of Saint Anthony, Rossio square and Carmo convent.

It’s in a corner lot with a restaurant just beside the building.

Reception desk

Just right beside the reception there’s a restaurant that’s open for Breakfast buffet, Lunch and Dinner. Upon checking in, the guy told us that breakfast is complimentary! Sweet!

Restaurant area

When we enter the room, I was so surprised that we got the corner room. You know, corner room means two views right? Then I said, we’re starting the holiday right eh?!

Luggage area upon entering the room


our room


side table with Small Ref. & safe storage box


And yes! they have balcony.

R. Aurea street with Praca Comercio at the end of road
other side of R. Aurea – with a pinch sight of Santa Justa Lift
View on R. São Nicolau street
View on R. São Nicolau street

So how’s the buffet breakfast?



You can’t go wrong with Fresh juices, fruits, ham and egg and croissant. It’s not so bad esp. when you have the choice to eat inside or outside the restaurant.

Outdoor dining area

How much did we pay?

When we’re looking for rooms to stay, we don’t really have a lot of options as every hotel are fully booked. Even the bus rides from one city to another are offering few slots.  

This hotel is amazing. Location is 10, employees are approachable and the place itself is very clean. No wonder they have high rating in and Tripadvisor.

August is summer season in Europe so it’s part of peak months. We paid 2,862AED

(653 Euro) for 4 nights + free breakfast.

For more info about the hotel, click here.

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