Travel Fashion: Silk + Chiffon custom made dress

It all started when I went to Bangalore last February when I saw the market of textiles and a lot of Raymond tailoring shops. Yeah Raymond – it’s for men. But then when you see tailor shops you see immediately dresses 🙂

Until I finally landed in Deira here in Dubai, the land of textiles!

Deira Textiles2.jpg
Silk and Chiffon

Deira Textiles3.jpg

Deira Textiles1.jpg
Yeah, first time!

While I’m in the middle of my excitement of  selecting silks and chiffon, next thing on my mind is where’s the tailor? I have a favorite tailor in Karama, but then I asked anyway, and Voila! 

I start sketching (I don’t really consider it as a sketch hehe – but anyway moving on) it’s how we communicate since the tailor barely speaks in english.

Deira Textiles7a.jpg
Dress 1 – 2 – 3 🙂

For Silk and Chiffon, they sell 5.5meters with a price of 50AED.

With 5.5meters, you can do roughly 2 dresses. That is, if the design of your material is plain, but if it has a certain design, it will cover only 1 long dress + 1 top. (max) otherwise, you can do a scarf 🙂

Let’s start!

Dress no. 1

Dress of Blue green & yellow Silk with Fleur-de-lis logo

Silk used in Dress no. 1
Dress no. 1


Dress no. 2

Asymmetrical bottom dress of Pink & Black Silk with Geometric print

Dress no. 2



Dress no. 3

Floral + geometric Chiffon dress


Dress no. 3

After seeing these 3 dresses, I went back to the shop to buy for more (yeah forget about DVF wrap around dresses) – You can create everything you want anyway!

Deira Textiles6.jpg
My Second time buying silk & chiffon

This time, found my new best friend! 🙂

Deira Textiles5.jpg
Meet the Silk-Chiffon master

By the time he saw me again, he gave me 2.5meters of chiffon – the print I honestly don’t really like. (I even refuse to accept it – #rude)

But when I ask the tailor to do another dress for me, turned out to be a VERY, VERY beautiful one! 

Dress no. 4

“The Free” Chiffon dress

(course I paid the tailor and I told him what type of dress :P)

But the pattern on how the tailor put it into one beautiful dress is very impressive!

(Good bye ZARA!)

Dress no. 4


From the remaining silk of Dress no. 1,

I asked the tailor to do a Top. This time, he added a different print on sleeves.

Fleur-de-lis silk top with different print on sleeves

Same with the remaining silk of Dress no.2,

I managed to do another mini dress from it.

Mini dress from remaining pieces of Dress no. 2


Lastly, for now – My Kimono! Of course with Silk 🙂

Print for Kimono

Don’t you just like wearing pieces that you know – you’re the only one wearing it?

Naks! lakas maka celebrity. (oh! but celebrities are wearing almost the same pieces right? that’s why #whoworeitbetter has been invented.)

5.5 meters of silk/chiffon for 50AED, I don’t know if they can even give lower than that price (for sure). Plus, the final product will be available in 3-4 days. It’s not so bad noh?

I love it so much! So… More to come!

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