My Hand Painted Tees Etcetera


It all began when the one of our room looks completely empty, I took out my pencil & sharpener and start drawing on the wall. By the time I’m excited to paint it, I realized that paints are expensive (ha! to cover the whole wall!) Yes, I can use spray paints or even latex paints, but not really a pro, so I leave it as it is.

Art on wall1.jpg

Art on wall2.jpg

The next was when I’m feeling lazy. Lazy in our language is “Tamad”, I whispered one day Tamad AF! course the slang term AF means “as F*ck” , which is to emphasize the word before it.

Then I said, wait, wait, wait – I can paint that on a shirt! 

Yeah, thoughts are very important. It can lead you to creativity! 


And so meet my first hand painted artworks and to the next ones  🙂



TamadAF shirt.jpg

thkbyn shirt.jpg



Denim Art.jpgDemin shirt with ADOBO, one of our country’s (Philippines) traditional food.

Adobo art.jpg


Kayumanggi shirt.jpg

Long white H&M’s top with “Kayumanggi with 3 Stars and a Sun logo from Philippines flag



No to Chismosa MO Shirt

Chismosa is a Spanish word, also used in our country which means person who gossips

chismosa shirt1.jpg

chismosa shirt2.jpg

Di ka Pasisiil Dress.jpg

“Sa Manlulupig, Di Ka Pasiil” is part of The Philippines’ National Anthem which means “You will never bow down to Invaders”

Di ka Pasisiil shirt.jpg

Crying blocks.jpg

Crying block jeans.jpg

Denim Jeans with Eye crying building blocks

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