Escaping Dubai? Head To Khasab In Oman

It was March 2009 when I first came to this beautiful place. I booked alone for this trip to escape the City. I was not allowed by that time to travel out of the country because you need to at least be one full year in the company. So, I’m jumping from one place to another within UAE, alone.. Yes, traveling has been my destiny even before I got married. 

And this is the one and only picture of myself from the trip. 

Khasab 2010.jpg
Khasab tour 2009

Obviously, the focus of the camera was not on me. What else can I do? hehe 😛 But I have a lot of pictures anyway of the place.

Revisiting Oman was not on my mind until I saw one clip in The Games of Thrones season 7, from the castle of Dragon stone. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.50.21 PM.png
Photo from
Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.52.51 PM.png
Photo from

Yep! those rock formation are so beautiful, it reminded me of Oman. 

Upon checking which travel agency I can book with, I saw Trip advisor with one agency scoring 4.5 stars. I didn’t waste time and booked immediately. It was August 31st and were planning to go Sept. 1st – the very next day ASAP! yeeeh. (just crossing our fingers). By afternoon, my booking has been confirmed.

Pick up time is 6-6:30am. We were transported with a Prado car to a mini bus. Majority of the nationality with us are Indians. So the driver and all the rest speaks their own language. We just ask them – what did he say? If we need it. But it’s not a setback.

The requirements before they confirm your booking are the following:

  • Original passport with visa page (minimum 3 months validity) 
  • Nationalities (like Philippines in my case) must have a UAE resident visa with Managerial profession minimum 3 months validity (passport & visa)
  • If the visa is housewife, the sponsor must travel with her

At 10 am, we arrived on the UAE immigration. We were all advised to go down the bus with our passports showing the visa page.

No one is allowed to take pictures in the premises, no caps, no shades.

After getting the stamp, we went inside the bus, the police did the head count while passing a gateway.


Moving to another Immigration, the Sultanate of Oman. We went down again from the bus, but this time, submitting the form and showing the Oman stamp.

form oman.jpg

After 2 immigrations, the view on the way going to the boat is really stunning!






Last 2010, I remember almost all the tourist were wearing swim wear and swam. This time, 80% of the people inside the boat didn’t even touch the water, plainly to enjoy the tour and the view.

The boat has 2 levels, I chose not to stay up because I feel more the waves.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.05.02 PM.png

First round is to see Dolphins. 


I was a bit close with them as we are seated in front of the boat (where the sun shines the most). Majority of the tourist are afraid of the sun, they were hiding on the shade near the Captain.


After calling out the Dolphins, the boat moved to a small old village, where fishermen lived before.


Next, was the one we’re waiting for… Swimming 🙂 for 1 -1.5 hours.

First swim of the trip

They provide goggles, life vest, fins even paddle boat and if you failed to bring towels, they have a lot to use.


Toilet and free towels to use

Inside the toilet, you can have a quick shower after swimming under the sea.

Keep attention that the place has a lot of Sea urchins, just after 10 minutes since we swim, there were already 2 persons that stepped on it. Yep, both of them went back to the boat, so the swimming time is over (at least on the first 1.5 hour).


Around 2pm, it’s time to finally eat.

Chicken, Fish, Biryani rice, Bread & Hummus

Even before lunch time , they provide unlimited drinks (soda pops & water) and unlimited fruits. If you want your plate more that what I had, you should get it all in one go.

After eating lunch, it’s another 1 hour of swimming! – In a different location.

Second swim of the trip

Then the rest is just roaming all around.

Oman 14.jpg
Rock formed like a Dinosaur
Birds on top of rocks


Never mind the Games of thrones series, Oh Oman – Isn’t a beauty?

For the cost of the tour, 

Visa for UAE residents – 85AED (35AED at UAE border & 50AED for Oman border)

Visa for tourists – 235AED (35AED at UAE border & 200AED for Oman border)

with Transfer to and from your location – 400AED

We paid in total 485AED per head.

If we were to choose again, It’s best to drive using our own car,  because it’s less time in traveling and it will save us more money (like 200aed per head). But ,we enjoyed it anyway and was really a nice escape from the City!


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